Well, here we go!

If you’re reading this…you’ve somehow accidentally stumbled upon my website. So, first, let me say “Welcome!”

Since you’ve found this page completely by accident, I think it’s safe to assume you know absolutely nothing about me. Unless you happen to be a friend of mine that stumbled across this website accidentally, in which we’ve both just experienced the biggest coincidence known to man. I’m putting my money (no wagers were actually placed) on the fact that we’re strangers.

That being the case – here’s a little about me.

I’m a radio personality in Orlando, Florida. I’m 31 years old. There are very few vegetables that I will eat. I can be very impatient. I grew up in Texas, but have also lived in Arkansas and Alabama. (Everything you’ve heard about both of those states…is true.) This is the first time I’ve ever attempted something like this. I love the feeling of change. I love the smell of new carpet. My goal in life is to live a life that will live on after I’m gone, and that’s the main reason I’m writing this. Oh, and most important, I don’t claim to be an expert at any of this.

That said…

Right now, my life is great. I’ve got a great job. I live in a great city. I’ve got great friends. It almost sounds silly of me to imply that I still want more, but it’s true. Every aspect of live relies on growth. If our physical body suddenly stopped growing – that translates to a really bad day at the office. (you’re dead.)

So if every part of our physical body is constantly growing – why should our minds be any different?

Radio is a true passion in my life, but I’ve discovered something recently that fires me up even more than radio. (Which is something I thought I’d never be able to say). Not only do I want to make sure that I do everything I can to grow my mind and soul every day, but I want to do everything I can to help make that happen for you. If you’re up for the challenge – let’s take this journey together. Let’s see what ELSE life has to offer!

For now – these are the three things to remember:

1. If it is to be, it is up to me.

2. We can have whatever want in life, if we help enough other people get what they want. ~Zig Ziglar

3. If you’re alive and breathing God’s air – your best days are yet to come!

Here we go!


One thought on “Well, here we go!

  1. If you are on a road that has no obstacles, you are certainly on a road that goes no where.

    I’m glad that I stumbled upon this today. I needed it.

    Henry Hays

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