Laying On A Nail

The other day I heard a story about a man visiting a farmer. As they sat on the farmer’s back porch, the man couldn’t help but notice the farmer’s dog was whining and moaning. The man asked the farmer, “what’s wrong with your dog?” “He’s laying on a nail,” replied the farmer. Confused, the man … More Laying On A Nail

You Have More Control Than You Think…

One of my passions is coaching. I make it part of my leadership practices, but this goes beyond management styles. Truly effective coaching can really have an incredible impact on people’s everyday lives…not just when they’re at work. With this being such a passion and priority of mine, I’m constantly learning and growing – to … More You Have More Control Than You Think…

Pain and Suffering

With everything that has happened, both in my life and in the world, over the past couple of weeks – I felt it was important to share this with you. The title of this blog can seem daunting and negative, but the truth is…this is reality for so many people.  Here are two truths:  1. … More Pain and Suffering

Trust Me

Once in a while, we experience an event – sometimes an entire series of events – that really makes us take a second look at…well…everything. The past week has definitely been one of those. Once again, my family suffered a tragic loss when my cousin died suddenly. His mother keeps a small dry erase board … More Trust Me