Everything we do is composed of two core elements: doubt and belief. Whichever we put the most weight in ultimately determines whether or not we succeed.

I’m also a believer that if you start a project, new business, fitness program, diet, literally anything at all…if you don’t start to doubt yourself – it’s not worthy of your effort. We’re taught as children that we can do anything we set our minds to, however, as we get older that changes to doubt and criticism. I think it’s rooted in the fact that one of the most dominating and controlling emotions we feel is fear. Fear has the ability to absolutely render us paralyzed and trembling, unable to speak, and completely ineffective.

The biggest obstacle we encounter as an adult is not hard work or difficult circumstances, it’s fear. Fear of having our heart broken. Fear of being seen as a failure. Fear of not making enough money. Fear of people laughing at us. The list goes on and on.

It’s also important to remember there’s a fine line between fear and passion. If we were able to channel that fear and turn into passion – we’d be unstoppable. Imagine what it would be like if “passion” was the all encompassing emotion in your life. If every time you started something you were charged with passion and energy!

If you’re experiencing “fear” – let that be a signal that what you’re doing is worth it! If you weren’t feeling that way, your subconscious isn’t taking it seriously.

Here are three quick things that I’ve implemented in my daily life that continue to help me:

1. Find a close friend, co-worker, coach…someone that will help you hold yourself accountable. Someone that you can share your goals with and will help you conquer those moments of fear and doubt.

2. Make a list of what energizes you pertaining to your goal. (Why is this important to you? What will accomplishing this goal do for your life?) Keep this handy. Being able to reference this is an easy way to keep your focus on the long-term goal.

3. Spend time every day, ideally first thing in the morning, to motivate yourself. Read something encouraging. Write. Talk with a mentor/coach. Starting your day positively will automatically set a course for the rest of the day.

“Every mental act is composed of doubt and belief,
but it is belief that is the positive, it is belief
that sustains thought and holds the world together.”
― Søren Kierkegaard