There’s a line in Eric Church’s song “Over When it’s Over” that really stuck out to me. 

“We had it in the air, we just couldn’t land it.” 

It got me thinking about all the different things in life that we get off the ground, but never actually land. We’ll have so many things up in the air, that sometimes we lose track of them. Or they crash into each other. Sometimes they just run out of gas and crash without us even realizing it. 

I’m not sure Eric Church even really understands how powerful of a lyric that is. 

Think about all the things you’ve got up the air, right now. 

Pick the most important – and land it. Then the second…then the third. (To steal from “The Kind and I”) etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. 

It could be a relationship issue, financial, personal, business…whatever…

You’ve been cleared to land…do it.