ImageAchieving success, whatever that may be for you, begins with an idea. We get an idea of where we would like to live or work…being in great shape…what kind of car we want drive…the amount of money we’ll have…all of it. It all starts with a dream and an image of what it will look and feel like.

From the dream, interest is born. We become interested in what it is we want. Often, we’ll even develop a true passion for it. We’ll develop a new energy and excitement…and that’s likely to last AT LEAST a couple days. Right? We’re gonna get in shape so we get our gym membership and start working out. It’s about the three day mark that we start to make excuses for why we can’t go. Rationalizing how busy we are and suddenly we no longer have time. What happened? When we signed up, we had the time. Now, all of a sudden, we don’t. I’ll tell you exactly what it is…

We were interested in an idea…we weren’t committed to it. True transformation happens when we transform our dreams and desires into commitments. We can be passionate about getting into shape, but if we’re not COMMITTED to going the gym…it’s not going to happen. Ever. No matter the situation, if we’re not transforming our mindset from interested to committed, it will never work.

Transforming Our Mindset:

1. Define your goal. Be specific. Know EXACTLY what you want and how you’re going to get there.

2. Write it down. Seems elementary, but by simply writing our goals out on paper begins to unlock the potential to make them reality.

3. Find an accountability partner. This is someone that you trust. Someone that will ask you the tough questions, and hold your feet to the fire. They need to be as committed to holding you accountable, as you are to the goal.

4. Make a PUBLIC announcement. Post it on Facebook. Tweet it. Instagram. Take that first BEFORE photo and post it. We’ve all got the people in our lives that will doubt our commitment and by their doubting…will in turn motivate us to prove them wrong.

5. Do it. Yes, actually do it. Take the first step. Then the second step. And so on. Once you get started, you’ll find that motivation will show up and keep you going…but it all starts with YOU and taking ACTION!