The other day I heard the story of a lady that had been stuck in one place in her life because of an event that happened to her over 38 years prior. 38 YEARS! For the last 38 years her life has stalled because she gave someone else control. 

Why are we so quick to relinquish complete and total control to someone that absolutely has NO business running our lives, but when God tells us:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11

We run from Him. We don’t believe Him. We don’t trust Him. No no…we believe the evil people in the world that do terrible things to us, treat us terribly, and tell us we don’t deserve any better than that. Those are the people we give control to. Those are the people that we allow to keep us stuck for over 38 years in a state of confusion, doubt, and plain misery. 

I say to you, ask yourself what is the main cause of your stumbling? What is keeping you from walking tall and straight through the path that you were CREATED to walk down? The path that will prosper you and NOT harm you, that will give you hope and a future? The path that will allow you to actually LIVE the life you were CREATED to live – a life greater than your wildest imagination! 

What cycles in your life are you ready to end? What habits are you ready to give up? What, or who, do you need to let go of? There is a better life already in play – just waiting for you to live it. Seize it. Do it. Start today. Put the one person in control of your life that can actually make a real difference – YOU! 

Ask yourself this question: If you could back and live your life over up to this point – do you think you could have done more than you have? If your answer is “yes” – let this be the moment that you make the conscious decision to change your answer for the next chapter in your life. 

Live full. 

Die empty.

You have GREATNESS within you!!