What does it take to gain the focus required to become a truly effective leader? The keys are priorities and concentration. A leader who knows his priorities but lacks concentration knows what to do, but never gets it done. A leader with concentration but no priorities has excellence without progress. But when leaders harness both, they gain the potential to achieve great things. 

People base their decisions on a variety of things: 

1. The Ultimate: first things first. 

2. The Urgent: loud things first. 

3. The Unpleasant: hard things first. 

4. The Unfinished: last things first. 

5. The Unfulfilling: dull things first. 

The Apostle Paul exemplifies a leader who focused on the ultimate every day. How about you? To get back on track with your focus, work on these items: 

1. Work on yourself. You are your greatest asset or worst liability. 

2. Work on your priorities. Fight for the important ones. 

3. Work in your strengths. You can reach your potential if you do. 

4. Work with your colleagues. You can’t be effective alone. 

(Excerpt from the Maxwell Leadership Bible, p. 1476)

Scripture: Philippians 3:5-9