Our most basic human need is to feel validated. Plain and simple, we want to feel important. We want to know that someone cares about us, values us, and believes we matter. 

An easy way to see this returned to you is to be that for someone else. The next time someone is talking to you – listen. Be engaged. Ask follow up questions. The easiest way to be interesting to people, is to first be interested in people. 

Let them know you care and what they’re saying is important to you. Do this and several things will happen immediately: 

1. You’ll have their trust. 

2. You’ll feel better about yourself because you’ve made someone else feel better about themselves. 

3. You’ll learn something. I guarantee it. Every single time. 

Zig Ziglar said it best: 

“You can have anything you want in life – if you help other people get what they want.”

This is especially true when applied to our most basic need. It’s impossible to think one way and act another. If you want to feel love…show love. If you want to feel important…make someone else feel important. 

Life is like an elevator – you’re either moving up or moving down, and whichever way you’re going you take everyone else with you.

The most valuable gift you can ever give someone is the gift of your time. It’s also the gift that means the most, because it shows that you truly care.