I wrote a blog a while back about dreaming like a kid. Kids dream without limitation, because unlike adults, they haven’t been completely conditioned to think otherwise. It doesn’t stop there, though. 

If you think about it…children, by nature, are just happier than adults. Sure, you can say they don’t have the stresses of work and all the responsibilities, but I think it’s actually much more simple than that. Here’s an interesting fact: 

On average, children laugh 400x a day. The average adult? Only 12.

Think about that for second. When was the last time you were angry but laughed until your sides hurt? I can tell you…never! It’s impossible! You can’t be furious and truly laughing at the same time. It’s also impossible for you to think one way and act another. You can’t think positivity and exert negativity. You can’t think nice things about someone and be angry at them at the same time. 

Oh, and here’s something just as an added incentive – laughing 15 minutes per day sheds 4 pounds per year!

In the world of “on demand” and high speed internet, fast food, and everything readily available at our fingertips – we’re always looking for ways to improve our daily lives instantly. We want quick fixes, fast results, and don’t really want to work for it. Well, friends, here it is. 

Laugh. Laugh every day. At least 15 minutes per day. You’ll feel better. You’ll be happier. Oh, and like I mentioned, you’ll lose weight! 🙂 

And if you’re feeling REALLY adventurous…share a laugh with someone else! Do this, even if it’s just once, to see if I’m right. If it doesn’t really have a dramatic impact on your day – I’ll reimburse every penny you paid for my advice. In fact, I’ll double it. 

Here’s something to get you started:


Be blessed!