With everything that has happened, both in my life and in the world, over the past couple of weeks – I felt it was important to share this with you. The title of this blog can seem daunting and negative, but the truth is…this is reality for so many people. 

Here are two truths: 

1. Pain is inevitable. I know what you’re thinking…”Gee, JR, thanks for the motivation.” But hear me out. Throughout life, we’re going to experience pain. There’s no way around it. People are going to say mean things, we’re going to lose our job, our family members will die, friends will die, sickness will occur…these things are going to happen. What I’m here to tell you is: 

2. Suffering is optional. 

I’ll share with you what I believe to be the difference. 

Pain is when your life conditions don’t match your model of the world, but suffering comes when your life conditions don’t match your model of the world AND you feel powerless against it.

The most important thing to remember is we are NOT powerless! We absolutely have the ability to adjust our circumstances and prevent (or eliminate) suffering. We can ALWAYS do something to change the pain. If we can’t change our environment or circumstances – we can adjust our model of the world. We don’t have to accept the limiting belief that we have no control over our lives!

One of the greatest gifts we’ve all got is the ability to truly step out of our pain. I’m not saying “not feel it” but make the conscious decision to not stay in pain. We have the ability to actually USE that pain as a motivator…use it as drive…to get back on our feet and into the model of our world that we control! 

Are you experiencing pain or suffering? What are the real reasons behind it? What do you need to do use the power you’ve already got within you to change your situation? 

You are not powerless against your situation! As my mentor, Tony Robbins, would say: “Unleash the power within!” 

God bless!