I was talking with a friend earlier about the importance of making things happen for yourself. Whether it’s having well written goals, a vision board, daily affirmations or incantations…the root of all of them is the same.

You have to believe these things will happen to you or for you long before they do. It all starts with your own mindset and approach to, well, life. One of my favorite sayings is “we don’t get, in life, what we want…we get who we are.” You want to be a person that makes things happens and challenges the status quo – unless you’re already doing that – you’re cheating yourself.

People don’t fail in life because they aim too high and miss…they don’t reach their full potential because they aim too low and HIT!” ~Les Brown

In his New York Times bestselling book “Getting Things Done” David Allen puts it this way:

“When you start to make things happen, you really begin to believe that you can make things happen. And that makes things happen.”

Success isn’t accident. Success won’t show up on your doorstep with an instruction manual. Napoleon Hill said “riches are shy and timid…and must be attracted.” Attraction requires action. If you’re really looking for change…make a change.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Start with your daily routines.

Start now.