One of my favorite books is “How To Become CEO” by Jeffrey J. Fox. In fact, I’ve read it cover to cover several times, and it’s a book that I reference frequently. The chapters are short, and the information and advice is SPOT ON! I was going back through it over the weekend and this really stuck out to me:

Ten Things to Say That Make People Feel Good

  1. “Please.”
  2. “Thank You” (As he points out in the book – A good leader has cause to say “Thank You” twenty times a day.)
  3. “You remember Larry Kessler in our Accounts Payable department?” (An introduction of someone to a superior.)
  4. “That was a first-class job you did.”
  5. “I appreciate your effort.”
  6. “I hear nothing but good words about you.”
  7. “I’m glad you’re on the team.” 
  8. “I need your help.”
  9. “You certainly earned and deserve this.” 
  10. “Congratulations.” 

(How To Become CEO p.102)

Simply working these 10 phrases into your daily professional routine will automatically increase morale and take workplace productivity to new levels…and almost overnight. At the end of the day, people want to feel appreciated and know they’re contributing to something bigger than themselves. Simple affirmations go a long way.

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