“Nothing I do ever seems to work.”

“I just keep trying and trying and no one appreciates me.”

“I’m working all these hours and not getting anywhere…”

“I’m just stuck and I don’t know what to do.” 

We’ve all experienced some variation of that at some point in our lives, hell, maybe you’re there now! As I’ve been coaching over the past several years, “stuck”, seems to be one of the biggest problems people face on a daily basis. We’re stuck in our jobs, personal lives, relationships…you name it! We’re just unhappy, not going anywhere, and don’t have the first clue of how to do anything about.

At least, that’s what we allow ourselves to think.

If you’re “stuck” in any aspect of your life, currently, there’s actually something you can do RIGHT NOW to completely turn it around. In a previous blog (almost 2 years ago exactly) I wrote about one of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned. Pain is an inevitable part of life…but suffering is a choice.

“In life, we get what we tolerate.”Tony Robbins

If we’re ever sufferingit’s because we are allowing ourselves to do so. Being in a perpetual state of stuck-ness (that’s probably not really a word, but you get the idea), it’s because we are tolerating the feelings and the behavior that keep us there. So how do we fix it?

Do SOMETHING. Change your physiology. If you’re moping around the house or sitting on the couch watching TV – go outside! Go for a walk. Go to the gym. Go to Starbucks…I don’t care, just do SOMETHING. When you change your physiology the actual functionality and chemistry in your brain begins to change, therefore adjusting your mood and how you feel. The other thing you’ll have done, possibly on a more subconscious level, is make that first decision. Being “stuck” is being in a constant state of indecision. You feel like you don’t know what do, so you don’t do anything. But, the moment you decide to do something and then take action on it – you’re instantly no longer “stuck,” because you’re moving toward an objective. Something as simple as deciding to go for a walk, and then getting up walking out the door – reestablishes the power already within you to create change. You’ve made a decision and taken action on it, thereby shifting your brain out of a mode of helplessness and into a mode of decisiveness. One of basic human needs is the need for certainty, and making a decision (ESPECIALLY in a moment like this) instantly fulfills that need.

That’s why people will tell you that happiness is a choice. They’re not BS’ing you or just imparting some “Kumbayah, mumbo jumbo” it’s a scientific fact.

So when you’re stuck – do something about it simply by just doing SOMETHING different.


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