One of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard comes from Eric Church’s song “Over when it’s over”

The song is about a failed relationship, but this particular lyrics has stuck out to me since I first heard it. There was something bigger about this line:

“We had it in the air, we just couldn’t land it”

Think about that for a second. Let it really sink in.

Chances are you’ve got a number of things in the air – waiting for you to land them. Careers, relationships, ideas, dreams, goals, etc. They’re all just flying around up there – circling like an airplane without a runway.

It’s nothing to get something off the ground, landing takes focus, hard work, and dedication. Landing requires intention. Sticking with the airplane analogy a little further – the two most difficult and crucial parts of flying are the takeoff and landing. The same applies to our daily lives…the two most difficult things we ever do are starting and completing a project (especially something we’re not super excited about). Most people will never even make the effort to get “off the ground” but when they do even fewer ever have the determination, focus, and intention required to “land.”

We will come up with every reason why we can’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, don’t, won’t, aren’t…because the easiest thing to do is always nothing.

“The only thing worse than an excuse is a good excuse.”

I believe that quote belongs to Benjamin Franklin, but I’ve heard it attributed to so many different people, I’m not exactly sure – I just know it to be one of the truest things ever said, especially in regards to one’s success or the lack thereof.

If you’re one of those people that has a bunch of planes in the air, circling, waiting for an opportunity to land – put on your air traffic controller hat and bring them in! Identify them, prioritize them, create your plan of action, tap into the unlimited resources that are always available to you through the power of intention, and prove to yourself that you CAN do it.

I grew up in Texas and as a kid, whenever I would say the words “I can’t” I would always get the same line in return: “can’t never could do nothing!” As long as I believed I couldn’t, I never would. By believing that something isn’t possible or that you can’t do whatever it is – you automatically shut off the parts of the brain that COULD have. However, the moment you become open to the possibility – you unleash the unlimited potential and attractive powers of your brain that are designed to make whatever it is, a reality. You are wired and created to accomplish amazing and incredible things. It’s why you’re here. Stop cheating yourself, and start believing and encouraging yourself…because whatever it is that you want is not only possible but already exists in your future if you’re willing to do what’s necessary to attract it.