We’re taught as children to “be thankful for what we have” as a lesson against greed, envy, insecurity, and an entire slew of other feelings and emotions that we experience as we venture on to the playground of life for the first time. What we don’t realize then, and for some ever, is that lesson is actually one of the cornerstones of what we’ll experience and achieve for the rest of our lives.

In previous posts and emails, you’ve heard me reference a number of different versions of the same ideology…we get what we think about and focus on. Where our focus goes, our energy flows. If we can first understand that everything in the universe is connected (it’s no coincidence that the 5 most common elements that exist anywhere in the universe are the same 5 most common elements found in the human body), we can then begin to understand and utilize that connection in our every day lives. Another example of what I’m talking about is: how many times have you thought about someone and almost immediately your phone rings and it’s that person? Again, not a coincidence.

Every time I’m in front of a group of people teaching or talking about about this very subject, I ask the question: “who, in this room, would do more, give more, and be more if they had the resources?” Every single hand goes up, every single time. Because OF COURSE you would. Given the opportunity and resources, most people would be more generous and affect more good in the world. The basis of all of this requires the fundamental belief that the Universe not only wants us to be successful in everything we do but that it actually needs us to win. So, in essence, the world NEEDS you to be rich and successful!

Grasping that concept, we can then begin to work on the “how.” This begins with the word, desire. William Walker Atkinson talks about this in his book, “The Secret of Success,” and explains that desire is one of the most abused terms. Often, desire, is attributed to a sense of unworthy longing or craving, when in fact, the truer definition pertains more to aspiration. It’s understanding that the filter WE place on “desire” determines the outcomes we experience from it. As Atkinson says, “desire is the natural and universal impulse toward action, be the action good or bad.” Desire, in and of itself, is just an emotion – it’s not until we assign the meaning to does it generate results.

I say all of that to say this:

The ultimate key to obtaining whatever it is that you’re searching for (happiness, success, wealth, independence, etc) is gratitude. Going back to what I said in the beginning, we get what we focus on, a mindset and state of overall gratitude will continue to multiply upon itself. Focusing on the fact that you aren’t happy only perpetuates your level of unhappiness because all of your energy is centered around being unhappy. Focusing on the fact that you don’t have the job you want, the house you want, the car you want, the spouse you want, all generate a continuation of that existing reality. You have the ability to channel your invisible power, the power of intention, and utilize the never-ending abundance within the universe to your advantage and create everything you want in your life…if you’ll focus your energy on gratitude and recognizing what is there. Tired of being broke? Stop focusing on being broke and start focusing on gratitude for the abundance of what you DO have, and watch that carry over into every other aspect of your life. Don’t focus on being in a dead end job, focus on the fact that you’re working in order to get everything you need to do everything you want to do. Don’t focus on the fact that you live in a house barely big enough to do anything, be thankful for that temporary house while your much bigger house is being prepared!

The moment that shift in mindset occurs, the right people and opportunities start appearing and working to your advantage. Do these people come out of nowhere, at first it will probably seem so, but in reality – they’re already there and have been there all along it’s that we were focused on our inability to see them. One of my favorite quotes is: “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change.”

-Dr. Wayne Dyer

Most people don’t achieve everything (or anything) they want in life not because they set the bar too high, but rather because they set their bar far too low to begin with.

A very successful business coach was having a conversation with another, not quite as successful coach, and said the cost for her coaching program was $100,000 per year. The other coach couldn’t believe it and said “I could never imagine spending $100k on a coach” to which she replied, “and that’s why you’ll never be able to ask for it.”

The only true obstacle we face is our own insecurity, self-doubt, and self-limiting belief system. Work to shift that to a model of gratitude, thanksgiving, and prosperity, and watch every aspect of your life change for the better…in ways you’d only ever believed were impossible.