Another year is more than halfway over, and (if you’re like most people…err…me) chances are pretty good that you’re no closer to the goals and dreams you had for 2017 than you were in January. If that’s not the case – quit being a showoff.  (I kid…)

In all seriousness, this is a point where things start really getting tough because now we start beating ourselves up. We get disappointed and discouraged and the “well, what’s the point of even starting” mindset takes over.

“Never lower your target, increase your actions.” -Grant Cardone

Not only is it not too late, but if used properly, this could serve as the motivator and catalyst needed to make the next half of 2017 revolutionary!

But how?

  1. Re-evaluate and refine your goals. Chances are you’re in a different place today than six months ago – what in your goals needs to be adjusted?
  2. Find an “Accountability Partner.” This is even more important this time around – especially since we’ve already established that doing this solo doesn’t work.

And most important…

  1. Do ONE thing now. This is probably the most important part. START! Do ONE thing today that is a real step toward your goal. Motivation is a myth…or better put…an excuse. “I’m just not motivated.” “I can’t get motivated to…” STOP! Motivation is a byproduct of action, not a catalyst. Motivation is something that shows up and keeps you going the last 15 minutes of the workout when you really want to quit.

No one is going to show up at your door and make your dreams a reality.

What we have or don’t have is nothing more than a result of a decision (or lack thereof) that WE made. Everything in life is choice and every choice has its own series of rewards or consequences. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “hope is not a strategy,” well, neither is average, safety, or comfortable. In fact, comfort is the true enemy of success.

The only thing worse than an excuse is a good excuse.

Finish 2017 like a boss! Make it the year you planned for it to be on December 31. It’s never too late if you’ll start now!