I’m pasting one of Seth’s blogs here and the link to it…I highly recommend you follow him, read his books, go see him live, and meet him every chance you get. I’ve had the opportunity to see and meet Seth a handful of occasions at different conferences and such over the years, and I always leave a Seth interaction better than I was.

I feel like this blog is super relevant and important. So here it is:

“Because” vs. “and”

The way you’re feeling… is it because of something that’s going on around you? Or are you simply feeling something and there’s a situation?

One way to determine the difference:

Has this situation ever happened without you (or anyone, for that matter) feeling the way you’re feeling?

[to pick an outdated example, one that someday we might experience again]:

“I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed because there are ten people waiting for a table at the restaurant and we’re falling behind.”

Except: plenty of people who run restaurants have experienced ten people waiting for a table without feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

It’s not the line that’s causing the stress. It’s your interpretation of the line.

You’re overwhelmed and there’s a line.

So good…right?

To me, it was an important reminder that while our circumstances certainly have a significant impact on us, they don’t define us.

There’s a difference in working from home through a global health and economic crisis…and dealing with the emotions and stress of a global health and economic crisis WHILE TRYING to work from home.

All in all I hope this is, if nothing else, a nudge to remember to take care of YOU first. A million years ago when I was going through EMT and Paramedic school – one of the first things they teach you is “scene safety and assessment” with the message: An injured paramedic can help no one.

It’s okay to not be okay. It’s not okay to force yourself to pretend you’re okay.

Take care of you…you’re the only one you’ve got.