Before anything even remotely daring, it seems like we’re always asked if we’re ready. And for as long as I can remember…I don’t think I’ve ever answered that question to the affirmative.

  • Rollercoaster operator: Nope. 
  • Bungee Jump: Never. 
  • Test proctor: Absolutely not. 
  • Proctologist: Forget about it. 

The impact of our kindergarten P.E. teacher, just before the start of our very first potato sack race, asking “is everyone ready” flipped a switch that has been running in the back of our minds and impacting our decision making ever since. 

While the actual experience may be different for different people, the fact that the very first time we question our “readiness” sticks with us – especially if we lose that first proverbial potato sack race.

As far back as we can remember, before attempting anything of significance we’re trained and conditioned to ask ourselves (in one way or another) if we’re “ready.”

The problem this creates permeates every aspect of our lives and causes us to instinctively retreat to our “comfort zone” and hide behind “the familiar” because we (either consciously or subconsciously) have become conditioned to believe that “familiar” is equal to “secure.” This couldn’t be further from the truth.A bird in the hand...” Is a phrase I’ve heard my entire life, and all it ever did was convince to stay put and not take the next step. 

And for years, that’s exactly what I did. 

How long have YOU been waiting to begin pursuing your goal or dream? Most people are stuck in a perpetual mode of waiting. Everyone is waiting for the exact perfect moment to finally pull the trigger and get started. This is a huge mistake. The perfect time is right now.

Time is more important than timing. Avoid wasting time instead of focusing on the getting the timing just right.

Consider these ideas to begin acting on your plans today:

  1. You’ll never be ready. We love to stall. It’s in our nature. If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll still be waiting on your deathbed.
    • Do you know what the first step is? That’s all you need to know. Just do it and you’ll figure out the rest along the way. It’s like walking up the stairs. You only need to see one step at a time to make it to the top.
  2. The perfect time will never happen. Again, you’ll be waiting until your funeral. There will never be a good time to get started. There will always be a viable excuse. All of the variables will never be in perfect alignment. The most perfect time you’re going to get is right now.

“The only thing worse than an excuse, is a really good excuse.”

-Author unknown
  1. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can be successful. The advantages of getting started now are numerous. Perhaps the most relevant is the fact that you can achieve your goals sooner. The sooner you begin any journey, the sooner you reach your destination.
  2. Your natural tendency is to wait too long. We always wait too long. When is the last time you did something too soon? Everyone else is waiting. Be the person that doesn’t wait. Fortune favors the bold, so be bold.
  3. Your natural tendency is to value information too much. We want to know everything there is to know before we take the first step. Unfortunately, we can’t know everything. Life sometimes unfolds in unpredictable ways. You know more than enough to get started. Just do it.
  1. The most successful people make decisions quickly and stick with them. The least successful people are terrible at making up their minds. They’re eternally conflicted for a variety of reasons, primarily fear. Give yourself a time limit to make a decision and then run with it.
    • A decent decision, made quickly, that you stick with, is better than a great decision, a year from now, that you can’t maintain.
    • Practice making decisions quickly and moving forward with them. This is a great habit to develop.
  1. The sooner you take action, the more you’ll learn. Action leads to results. You learn something each time you get a result. You’re not producing any results while you’re sitting around waiting for the perfect moment to act.
  2. Action leads to inspiration. Most people falsely believe that they’ll take action when they feel inspired. But the opposite is true. Action leads to inspiration. Inspiration leads to even more action.

Why are you waiting? The most honest answer is fear. If you never get started, there’s still hope, since you can’t know for sure that your plans won’t work. If you never begin, you can’t fail.

However, the opposite is true, too. If you never get started, there’s no real hope of anything better. If you never begin, you’re guaranteed to fail.

Take a deep breath and get started today. You’ll never be 100% ready or comfortable, so you may as well begin right now. Now is the moment to change your life.