Be so focused on your objective that nothing will stand between you and making it a reality, but NOT so focused that you miss the required and necessary strategic adjustments along the way.

We’re taught to laser in on our “#1 Priority” and direct all of our energy and intention to making that our reality. Which is great, BUT there’s a second part to that that’s almost always left out.


The path to success is never a straight a line. To protect yourself from wasting time and energy “knocking on a wall” practice these 3 principles:

  1. Anticipate potential roadblocks and anything that could potentially slow you down or get you off track.
  2. Identify the moment you feel off track and quickly define the issue.
  • Were you told “no?”
  • Did funding fall through?
  • Did a potential business partner flake out?
  • Have you allowed yourself to be talked out of trying something new?

3. Adapt your approach/technique/plan immediately and proceed.

Also understand that this is something you’re going to have to do a lot. Likely several times a day even…and it never stops. Truly, the limits to your success lie directly within your ability to anticipate, identify, and adapt.

If you’re feeling stuck – you’re likely just “knocking on a wall” somewhere and are one small adjustment away from being back on track.